Phal Goes Indigo

Blue Orchid

Indigo Mystique Phalaenopsis Orchid

Blue orchid dyeing craftsmanship has reached new depths: Silver Vase, the Florida nursery that, in early 2011, had brought North Americans the electric-“Blue Mystique” phalaenopsis orchid, has done it again. Be prepared for “Indigo Mystique”!

Either loved or hated, Blue Mystique has rattled Western culture’s perception of truth, beauty, and nature in its unadultered state – leaving few orchid enthusiasts indifferent.
Technically speaking, infusing an orchid plant with dye solution, thus achieving a superficial, reversible and temporary color change, could be interpreted as less tampering with nature as is the case with breeding desirable color traits into hybrids on a genetic level.
Blue Mystique’s novelty orchid (middle) sister Indigo’s arrival has brought orchid mass production one step closer to willing a royal-blue, true blue phalaenopsis orchid into existence.

Indigo Mystique flowers are of electric-indigo blue coloring; yet unopened buds are to display lighter shades, somewhere between indigo and fuchsia. Subsequent blooming cycles will reveal Indigo Mystique’s spotless fuchsia nature, and generate sighs of relief among orchid purists.

Silver Vase orchids are distributed through wholesale only, and cannot be sourced individually from Silver Vase Nurseries. Garden centers that do not carry Mystique orchids might be more than willing to stock them, once their customers express interest and intent to purchase.

The Mystiques are, in fact, non-identical triplets that have come into being within a few months of each other. Number three is Lila Mystique, a white orchid infused with lavender dye, easier on the eye than her extrovert, electric-shade sisters, nevertheless making a bold, intensely lilac statement (the first time around).

Tending to a Mystique phal is no different from caring for any phalaenopsis orchid.

The truth of Indigo Mystique’s beauty – as with everything – lies in the (inner and outer) eyes of its beholder.

Blue Orchid Flower

Lila Mystique Phalaenopsis Orchid