Blue Orchid (Album Version)

Blue Orchid

The White Stripes: Blue Orchid (MP3 Download)

Product Details:

  • Original Release Date: July 1, 2008.
  • Release Date: July 1, 2008.
  • Label: Warner Bros.
  • Copyright: 2008 Third Man Records, LLC, exclusively licensed to Warner Bros. Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company.
  • Duration: 2:37 minutes.
  • Genre: Alternative Rock.


Product Description:

Blue Orchid is the opening track on The White Stripes’ fifth album, the 2005  Get Behind Me Satan, follow-up to their mainstream break-through – Elephant (2003).  GBMS had been awarded the 2005 Alternative Record of the Year.

This album of (once-married) duo Meg & Jack White is considered to be a gem of original, unaltered, unbiased, experimental blues/rock by many, to be enjoyed most by initiated White Stripes fans.

Blue Orchid became the most popular and radio-friendly of the album’s 13 tracks, as much for Jack’s  thrilling signature guitar riffs as its dark lyrics addressing an unnamed lover (reportedly actress Renée Zellweger): “You got a reaction/You got a reaction didn’t, you?/You took a white orchid/You took a white orchid — turned it blue…”

The White Stripes’ Blue Orchid as well as their entire GBMS album are available as MP3 downloads from Amazon.

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  1. what happened!? even thoguh there is good music out there but you have to dig hard for them. Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, Wilco, Mastodon, Arcade Fire and etc are pretty innovative but they don’t get airplay which is bullshit because they’re trying to take music further and music execs are intent on playing the crap. I do have to admit thoguh even the pop tunes in the 90 s at least were catchy and you could tell they had musicianship.

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