Blue Orchid

Thelymitra macrophylla (Image: Arthur Chapman)

Orchids in general stand for beauty, charm, elegance, strength and peace.

In ancient Greece, they symbolized virility, fertility and sexuality: The word ‘orchid’ is derived from the Greek word ‘orchis’ (testicles) of which the plant’s roots are reminiscent. To influence a baby’s gender, either the father (to conceive a boy) or mother (to have a baby girl) would consume orchid root.

The Chinese also associate orchids with fertility, and with refinement, thoughtfulness and the innocence of children. Orchids’ curative powers are used to treat cough and respiratory problems.

In Mexico, already the Aztecs consumed vanilla orchid-chocolate drinks for strength and power.

In Victorian England, where great numbers of orchids were shipped from exotic, faraway lands (most of them not surviving the voyage), they were associated with luxury, which they were – accessible only to a small, wealthy elite. The sensual meaning had been omitted as it did not conform to moral standards.

Historically, orchids in general and blue ones in particular also stand for rarity and collector’s greed.

Today, orchids represent an important economical factor for producer countries, such as Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Blue is the color that is easiest to perceive in the dark. When placed beside other colors, it recedes and gives the impression of depth. This quality also makes small spaces appear larger when painted or decorated in blue.

Male and female eyes see blue color pigments differently: Men concentrate on major categories, such as dark blue or light blue. Women differentiate detail, i.e. royal blue, indigo blue, purple blue…

Dark shades of blue stand for confidence, masculinity and corporate strength. Lighter blues are perceived as more feminine.

Blue has a calming, cooling, relaxing effect, to the point of promoting rest, lowering tension and anxiety. The peaceful calm of spirituality and meditation is equally associated with the color blue.

Bringing together the symbolism of blue color and orchids, the meaning of blue orchids would be rare, refreshing beauty of great value; profound, luxurious strength; dark blue testosterone and charming fertile calmness – yin and yang.

This is how 1930/40s swing-era jazz legend Glenn Miller summed up the meaning of blue orchid flowers:

Glenn Miller - Blue Orchids lyrics

Blue Orchids
Glenn Miller
- words and music by Hoagy Carmichael

I dreamed of two blue orchids
Two beautiful blue orchids
One night while in my lonely room
I dreamed of two blue orchids
So full of love and light
That I wanted to possess each tender bloom
Then my dream took wings
And through a thousand springs
Blue orchids seemed in a world apart
But when I met you
Something pale and blue
Came stealing from the meadows of my heart
I saw my two blue orchids
My beautiful blue orchids
Last night and what a sweet surprise
When you looked at me
It was plain to see
Blue orchids only bloom in your eyes.

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