Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner Orchid And Coconut Milk, 12 oz (Pack of 3)

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  1. You should buy some new soil for it, you can buy it ready made in most gedarn centers. Then carefully take it out of the post, hopefully it is dry, the carefully trim away any of the dead or dried roots. Try and remove as much of the soil as possible from the rooting system before replanting. If the roots are still a little wider than the pot got to the next size up. There are some very pretty Orchid pots out there now days, they actually have holes in the sides which will help with keeping the orchid in-between a wet and dry state. Plant the orchid and top with new moss on the top, water until you get some absorption in the soil, but never let it sit in standing water, it’s better to be somewhat dry than too wet. Save your fertilizer for the summer season, and try not to get any water on the leaves this will promote brown spots, which will not hurt the plant, just make it look unsightly. Water caught in the folds of the leaves will rot them out as will over-watering.Orchids are a whole new realm in the plant world, good luck and happy gedarning.

  2. Hi, for past four years my orchid hasnt given any flowres at all, but plenty of green leaves but no stem grows in the middel of the plant, Any suggestion.

    • I believe Canada has more than 75 navtie orchid species, and it’s nice to know there are healthyCypripedium populations. Many other species have smaller or less colorful flowers, but they’re fascinating no matter what! Thanks for the beautiful photo.

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