DENY Design Orchid Shower Curtain

Mikaela Rydin Orchid Shower Curtain

DENY Design Orchid Shower Curtain

Product Details:

  • by DENY Design.
  • Designer: Mikaela Rydin.
  • One size: 69-inch by 72-inch.
  • Fabric: Woven polyester.
  • Care: Machine wash cold.
  • Shower ring openings: Buttonhole. Shower rings are not included.
  • Manufacturing: 6-color dye process, custom printed for every order.
  • Origin: USA.

Product Description:

This unusual DENY Design shower curtain will add an upbeat splash of color as well as tons of style to your bathroom. The multi-hued floral design gives a playful touch to hygienic bathroom neutrals and pastels, and holds its own in bolder color schemes. Taking a shower turns into an exploration of exotic orchid habitat. The orchids themselves are most imaginative and delightful, and could not be easier to care for: Simply machine-wash!


DENY Design Orchid shower curtains ship to the United States and select countries outside the U.S.
Shipping is free of charge.

DENY Design Orchid Shower Curtains can be sourced through Amazon.

CLICK HERE: DENY Designs Mikaela Rydin Orchid 1 Shower Curtain, 69 by 72