Blue Hybrid Orchid Plant: Vanda Pachara Delight

Blue Orchid

Vanda Pachara Delight blue hybrid orchid plant

These young Vanda Pachara Delight orchid plants are a cross between Vanda Karulea  and Gordon Dillon. This hybrid had been awarded a FCC/JOGA (First Class Certificate by the Japanese Orchid Growers’ Association), indicating an extremely high quality.

The plants are actively growing in 2.5-inch pots right now, and will produce deep blue flowers in approximately 18 to 24 months. Blooms will grow on 10-inch spikes, measuring up to 4 inches across. There will be one or two blooming cycles per year. Vandas typically have no particular blooming season.

Vanda Pachara Delight plants can be sourced through Amazon:
Vanda Pachara Delight blue hybrid orchid plant [VAN021]