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The Sleeper


  1. So many Orchids are just soo gorgeous ! They are very stdury & long lasting as well.They are always IN’ in my eyes ! For any occasion , as they are very elegant &can take your breath away’ beauty ! Love em !

    • I have a beautiful 2 semtmed orchid that kept it’s blooms for about 3 1/2 months. The last 3 blooms are getting reasy to fall off and I want to know what you are supposed to do to the stems in order for the orchid to rebloom next season. I have a book on orchids and it says trim the stems but it is VERY vague as to what part of the stem or how much. I lost 3 orchids 3 years ago after I moved into my new home, I bought them to put in the home and bought the boook at the same time. They were beautiful for a long time, but they have not bloomed since the first year I had them. Can anyone help me out? I hate to lose this one, it was not a bit cheap.

      • Where to cut the spike depends on the orchid species. Excellent instructions on how to cut phalaenopsis, dendrobium, oncidium or cattleya spikes after blooming can be found at

        As for the orchids that died after you moved into a new home: They might not have adjusted well to a possible change in light and temperature. If they had not rebloomed, possible causes might also have been related to watering and fertilizing. It helps to know the Latin name of your orchid, as care needs vary from one species to another.

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