Translucent Boskke Sky Planter

Boskke Sky Planter

Boskke Sky Planter (medium)

New Zealand industrial designer Jake Morris has redefined indoor gardening, inviting us to think vertical. His Sky Planter puts flowering indoor plants and greenery upside down, either ceiling or wall-mounted.

The plant is added while the pot is in upright position. First, a porous ceramic water reservoir is placed at the bottom. Once the planter is suspended, it will sit on top, right above the plant roots toward which the water will seep as needed. After inserting the plant, a mesh disk is placed on top of the soil and around the plant stem, then locked into place. This prevents the soil from falling out.

A bark mixed should be used for orchids, so air can circulate around the roots.

The plant will be watered through a hole at the bottom of the planter. A float stick shows how much water remains in the reservoir. As very little water is lost through evaporation, and none due to drainage, plants require much less water as when using conventional pots. The reservoir needs to be refilled only once empty.

For orchids, it is recommended to only partially fill the reservoir, and to wait for the roots to dry before refilling it. A water-soluble fertilizer can be added to the water.

Ceramic Sky Planters come in classic white or black. Plastic versions, regular or recycled, are either translucent, pale blue, pale green, pink, red, white or black. Sizes are small, medium, and big (small and medium for the shown translucent planter). Large plastic planters are available for outdoor use (black, white, red).

The medium-sized model shown on the above image is 7.5 inches high, with a diameter of 5.5 inches. It weighs 1.1 pounds.

Sky Planters visually channel the natural habitat of epiphytic orchids. While the translucent plastic allows for light to filter through, the roots are not exposed to air.

In order to be installed safely, the upside-down planter requires a solid ceiling or wall.

Boskke Sky Planters are available in most countries. To have a look at the selection available at, click here:

Boskke – Sky Planter Clear Medium

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